Hi! My name is Caroline, I'm a French girl living in Ireland since a couple of years and started to learn how to do dreadlocks on my own about 10 years ago.

I opened my first dreadshop in Galway in 2015 and decided to move and re-open in Cork in the summer 2016.

I like the process of meeting customers, designing new dreads, being challenged and creative! Everybody is so different and so are my orders and creations, I never get bored as people always brings new ideas and inspiration.

Synthetic dreads are the best alternative if you want an original, alternative and temporary hairstyle that will keep your real hair safe. There is no need to cut or shave before or after you get them and you can wear them as long as you want. You can wash them on the washing machine and keep them for years.

About natural dreadlocks, I do them by combining different techniques (backcombing, crochet, etc. but I don't use any wax or product during the creation). Best is to contact me to set up as appointment and chat face to face!

I'm always looking to make new projects with photographers, designers, model, etc. so if you are interested in my work, send me a message and we might find some way to work together :)