> What about the quality of my dreadlocks?
I have 10 years of experience and probably more than 10 000 dreadlocks done! I still make them one by one, tailored for every single customer. They are guaranted to last and to be worn a lot of times, for years.

> How to order?
If you are in Ireland, you can call me on 083 177 1965, I'm based in Cork and Galway. You can also send me a message through the form or on Facebook

> How much are the dreadlocks?
Price go from 10 euros for single dreadlocks to 300 euros for full set. It really depends on what you want so the best is to get a personalized quote by contacting me.

> How long can we wear the dreads?
From a night to a couple of months, you decide! Although, don't forget that your hair grow so the roots will become visible after a while.

> How could I pick the color?
The best way is to meet for a consultation as I have a color ring chart. If it's not possible, you can send me a picture of your hair and tell me what you want to do and I can pick the colors for you, making sure they all blend together.

> How many dreads do I need?
You can have only one dreadlock, few dreadlocks scatered for a natural and subtle result, half a head or a full head. It depends on what you want. I'm here to help and advice you in your choice.

> How long does it take to order?
From few days to a week, depending on your order and on the waiting list. I always answer my messages quickly so don't hesitate to contact me first.

> Can I wash my hair? How do I do that?
1) Wet them as you take your shower.
2) Shampoo with a special no-residue shampoo, slip your fingers between the roots and rub the scalp. Rub the dreads as well.
3) Rinse well everything and make sure there is no product left.
4) Spin the dreads in the shower to get rid of the water.
5) Keep a towel around them for 15 min to soak the water and then use the hairdryer Please note that I sell he Knotty Boy aftercare products which make everything easier on a daily base.

> Do you ship dreadlocks, how do I fit them in my hair?
I ship worldwide, note that shipping costs are 5 euros minimum. I add to the parcel a tutorial and rubber band for you to install the dreads yourself, which is not diccicult.

> What are the drawbacks of the synthetic dreads?
They can be heavy at first and hitchy, those are just a matter of a few days after the fitting.