These terms are in effect at the time of the validation of the order.


- Colours displayed on our website/facebook and in any online exchange (email or FB) are photographed and shared with every attempt made to capture their true nature. However some variations may exist between the image and the physical product due to device quality, screen, editing and any alteration that can happen from photographying a product.

- According to the above, if a finished dreadlock product doesn't match hair color's expectations and no face to face consultation has been done ; only an agreement based on any picture exchanged between the two parties, dreadlocks can't be replaced, dye, refund or exchanged.

- Colours can be inspected and selected during a personal face to face consultation which is the only way to get the closest matching color of your hair.

- Because of the nature of the customer's hair and any alteration that have been made / can be done between the consultation and the fitting (hairdye, bleaching, cut, etc.) we can't be responsible if the color picked during the consultation doesn't match anymore the client's hair. Dreadlocks cannot be replaced, refunded or dye neither altered to satisfy the customer's new expectations / hair.


-Prices will always be given in Euros. Prices are custom depending on each and every order due to the personalised nature of our product. Prices are agreed between the two parties (‘The Pink Octopus’ and the ‘client’) before starting the order.

- A deposit agreed between the two parties has to be paid ahead of the order in order to book an appointment. A deposit puts in motion the creation of your dreadlocks in our studio. The finished dreadlocks are then fitted to the client once the full balance is paid and a suitable appointment has been set.

- The deposit can be refunded within 3 days after it has been paid ONLY if no action has been taken in the creation of this order (purchases, creation process, etc.)

- Except the circumstance outlined above, a deposit can not be refunded or lead to any discount in the event of the ‘client’ changing their mind.

- If a deposit has been paid but the ‘client’ has failed to complete a booking for the fitting of dreadlock products ‘The Pink Octopus’ reserves the right to withhold the deposit to cover the costs of materials and production. In the interests of preventing stock loss and waste, if a time period of over one calender month has past since the time agreed by the two parties for the fitting; products may be sold to a third party with no negotiation and no refund of deposit.

- Products belong to the customer only after they have been fully paid for.


- Dreadlock products listed as ‘second-hand’ are washed before sale/shipping. ‘Second hand’ dreadlocks can not be refunded or exchanged. As second-hand products they might not reach the same level of quality as brand new dreadlocks and can not be the subject of any complain.

- Emails and messages are recorded in case of litigation.

- Order are processed only after the deposit has been paid.

- Payments can be made in installments if agreed, however the completion of the work will not preceed full payment.

- Payments accepted: cash, bank transfer, Paypal, Sum up.

- We do no take any responsibility in the case of any loss or delay due to the postal service. Shipping orders will be sent via standard post, if however the ‘client’ wishes to guarantee their order against loss /issues in the shipping process the option to have the products shipped by international recorded delivery exists for most EU countries but must be paid for by the ‘client’ and informed in time.

- Any product / mail sent by the client to The Pink Octopus is his/her full responsability and must be make in consequence. Money sent directly cash in an enveloppe won't lead to any refund / purchase if lost or stolen. Postal mandat must be used.

- Any dreadlocks / care products / beads or from other nature sent to The Pink Octopus must be registered and/or tracked and paid by the client and won't lead to any refund or exchange if any lost or postal issue.

- Changes in the order occuring after the initial consultation may result in additional charges.

- Orders will be shipped at the ‘client's’ expense to the address provided

- Any complaint regarding shipped products should be made within 3 days of receipt of delivery. Return shipping costs are at the client expenses.


- Personal informations are only requested for the purpose of facilitating contacts with the customer.

-Pictures taken during the fitting can be used on our websites/ Facebook / Instagram / Portfolio & various medias unless the customer specified he/she doesn't want to.

- If the customer is not satisfied with the product for a legitimate reason we will access each case individually. However it must be noted that Dreadlocks that have been fitted can not be re-sold at full retail price and as such we cannot refund dreadlocks that have been worn by the ‘client’ unless there is problem with the product quality. This will have to be proven (by the ‘client’) to be due to production and evidence given (in the form of photos to support your claim) in order for a refund/replacement to be released.


- We use and sell the Knotty Boy products are those are specialized products for dreadlocks. We don’t have any affiliation with the brand. We like, advice and retail those products as they are good quality and efficient.

- The Pink Octopus reserves the right to sell them at the price of their choice.

- Once sold, none of the products can’t be exchanged or refunded for any reason.

- Any issue occurring while using any of the product has to be referred to and we are in any case not responsible for any issue or mis-use of the product.

- Premade dreadlocks sold in events or retail in the shop can’t be refunded, exchanged or pretend to any modification or customization.